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At Morkos Law Group, we pride ourselves on the quality of service and results we provide for our clients. We measure our service and success in the problems we solve for our vast client base. Our client base ranges from multi-million dollar business transactions and commercial litigation, to individuals seeking help on a personal injury or family law matter.

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Morkos Law Group provides personalized service and extensive experience. We know that each case is different, and may require a different approach. From simple divorces and real estate transactions to complex estate planning cases, you can rely on us to be proactive and detail-oriented in our representation.

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In 1976 the California Supreme Court in the landmark decision of In Re Marriage of Dawley in which California’s Supreme Court recognized that prenuptial agreements


California Prenuptial Agreement: Top 3 Misconceptions

In California, property acquired during marriage is presumed to be community property, equally divisible in divorce. The exceptions to this are when property is acquired

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