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  • Full Representation Provided– The Morkos Law firm will provide hands-on service from start to finish.
  • Attorneys Only– An attorney will personally prepare your Bankruptcy filing. No paralegals or secretaries, ever.
  • Reaffirmation Agreements Included– Be cautious of other firms who charge a low fee and do not include reaffirmation agreements or representation at the Creditors Meeting.

What separates Morkos Law Bankruptcy firm from the rest?

If you are buried under a mountain of unmanageable debt and your creditors are starting to threaten legal action in order to collect the money you owe, bankruptcy is an effective option to consider. People from all walks of life can find themselves in need of debt relief and there is no shame in asking for help. Bankruptcy is not an indication of failure. It is an opportunity for a fresh start.

The bankruptcy process can be quite complicated to navigate properly and it is important that you have a capable attorney on your side who can help to ensure that the entire process goes smoothly. At Morkos Law Group. At your initial consultation, we will tell you what information is necessary to file for bankruptcy. Once you provide us with that information, we will take care of the rest.

Bankruptcy Attorney

  • Don’t let another attorney charge you by the hour and accrue an exorbitant bill, when you can get the services of a bankruptcy attorney expert for a low flat fee.
  • The Lawyers at Morkos Law Group are bankruptcy experts, practicing exclusively bankruptcy law.




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