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Estate Planning/Probate


  • Save Time and Money – Most, if not all, of your needs can be provided through fax, telephone and other secure electronic means.
  • Be Secure – At Morkos Law Group an attorney works with you the entire time – through the drafting and revision process necessary for a living trust to stand up in a court of law.
  • Less Headaches – California Living Trust law is extremely complex to navigate on your own, we take the confusion out of the process.

Don’t trust websites where you will never speak to an attorney, their living trust won’t stand up in court!

Professional, courteous, attentive and intelligent service.

What separates a Morkos Law Living Trust from the rest?

    • General Power of Attorney
      a document that allows you to appoint a person or organization to handle your affairs while you’re unavailable or unable to do so.


    • Health Care Directive
      a document that allows you to appoint a person or organization to handle your medical decisions while you’re unable to do so.


    • Grant Deeds conveying properties
      We will generate a Grant Deed and Preliminary Change of Ownership conveying your real property to the Living Trust. The Preliminary Change of Ownership will let the County know not to reassess your taxes.


  • Guardianship Provision for Minors
    a document which appoints a legal guardian to take care of your minors should you not be able to do so.

Living Trust

  • Don’t let another attorney charge you by the hour and accrue an exorbitant bill, when you can get the services of a living trust expert for a low flat fee.
  • Our agreements let you decide what happens to your property, not the state or a judge who has never met you.
  • The Lawyers at Morkos Law Group are living trust experts, practicing exclusively family and estate planning law.

Morkos Law Group is an outstanding affordable Probate and Estate Planning California Law Firm. We handle matters involving Trust, Probate and Real Estate disputes.

We have represented our clients in cases where they feel that their beneficiary rights under a trust or a will are in jeopardy due to a breach of fiduciary duty by an executor or by other beneficiaries being fraudulent. Probate Court proceedings are often complicated and emotionally draining if not handled by the right team of professionals. Whether it involves the interpretation or enforcement of a will, trust or power of attorney, we can assist you with your rights and remedies.

We provide practical solutions to disputes that other attorneys may overlook. We do not mind settling cases to save our clients money. When the need arises, we are also willing to litigate your case to a resolution when the other party is not being reasonable or does not want to settle.

Our dedicated team has decades of experience as the voice of our clients and as a champion for beneficiary rights. We are passionate and our firm represents long-standing experience, reliability, diligence and skilled legal representation.

If you find yourself in a situation where you recently lost a loved one and need to administer an estate or plan and provide for your loved ones, it is important that you hire an affordable probate attorney. Morkos Law Group is familiar with the California state court system and we know the ins and outs of California probate law and real estate law. If you are an executor, adminsitrator or beneficiary and want to know your rights, do not hesitate to give us a call.




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